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No sound : CA0106 , alsa and pulse audio

So what do we have here. Creative 5.1 channel CA0106 sound card is connected and not working. What all could go wrong, your audio card itself is not detected. your audio driver loaded is not correct. pulse audio will not … Continue reading

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Beware : Android build environment can screw your machine

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Cypress – cy8ckit-042-psoc-4-pioneer-kit

This is an amazing mix-mode PSoc. Very versatile and yet powerful. Coming from programming background to write your code the PSoc creator is a pain to learn but once  we get hold of it. it more fun to finish your … Continue reading

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AES encryption examples

1. AES 128 encryption & decryption on linux and windows. 2. using, to call the invoking openssl-aes128-bit encryption:

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TI MSP430 build tools, Free RTOS …..

One of my projects needed me to explore into MSP430 so this is what I start from. try to download everything from the TI website. easy to start with. Installing compiler : sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install msp430mcu msp430-libc … Continue reading

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vboxdrv: Unknown symbol mcount (err 0)

if you come across this error here is what you have to do if  you find that gcc version is mismatched between kernel and what you have on the machine, like how I have “gcc version 4.4.7 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.7-1ubuntu2)” and … Continue reading

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Liquid funds – what, how and why?

Still to understand

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