No sound : CA0106 , alsa and pulse audio

So what do we have here. Creative 5.1 channel CA0106 sound card is connected and not working.

What all could go wrong,

  1. your audio card itself is not detected.
  2. your audio driver loaded is not correct.
  3. pulse audio will not recognize your driver output.
  4. alsa mixer has problem recognizing the output

for most of trouble shooting below link is useful from Ubuntu community

for Alsa mixer issue: refer below bug or jump to solution copied from the link as originally written by “LuizMagnoGaloDoido

Install GNOME Alsa Mixer
sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer
Now open GNOME ALSA Mixer from Applications -> Sound & Video -> GNOME ALSA Mixer
Choose the tab: “CA0106…”
Turn on “Audigy Analog/Digital Output Jack”
=> Deselect IEC958

This help me, It may help you


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