LVM mounting on your linux server box

LVM is a logical volume manager for the Linux kernel that manages disk drives and similar mass-storage devices. Heinz Mauelshagen wrote the original code in 1998, taking its primary design guidelines from the HP-UX’s volume manager.

Where do you see this?

these are available in server box and I found one of them in a DELL Poweredge R720. So here we had a problem when debugging this which had LVM partition and our Ubuntu 12.04 was not able to mount or even identify / see this partitions. So here is a quick info on how to mount them and continue with your work on LVM partitions.

Now actual method for mounting them:


combining both of them for my issue below were the steps:

to check if you have the LVM directories:

test@testdesktop:~$sudo fdisk -l

/dev/sda2            4865       6691     14675377+    83   LVM2_member

to access this we need to install a new package

test@testdesktop:~$sudo apt-get install lvm2



test@testdesktop:~$mount /dev/volgroup001/quest /mnt/lvmdrive

mount: special device /dev/volgroup001/quest does not exist.

mounting at this point will give an error as this partition is inactive so we need to activate and mount


inactive ‘/dev/volgroup001/quest’  [457 GB]  inherit

so you need to do

test@testdesktop:~$modprobe dm-mod

test@testdesktop:~$vchange -ay


ACTIVE  ‘/dev/volgroup001/quest’  [457 GB]  inherit

test@testdesktop:~$mount /dev/volgroup001/quest /mnt/lvmdrive

SUCCESS we have access to LVM partition. Thank to the reference blogs for this information.



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