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Understanding Nikon D3200 and lens

    Reading lens barrel: teleconvertors: macro-photography: reverse single and double lens technique: understanding DSLR : What is ISO in a camera : Advertisements

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Linux usb subsystem book

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extensive guide on Insatalling glibc

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LVM mounting on your linux server box

LVM is a logical volume manager for the Linux kernel that manages disk drives and similar mass-storage devices. Heinz Mauelshagen wrote the original code in 1998, taking its primary design guidelines from the HP-UX’s volume manager. Where do you see … Continue reading

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Adding quick launch button to you ubuntu

very simple: Alt + right mouse button select “Add to Panel” select among the example launcher or select “Custom Application Launcher” and click add button provide name, command to run on launch of this application, comments, also provide a icon … Continue reading

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