Android-x86 on a Virtual-Box

below activity on 2011/05/04 which was never published.

source build:
TARGET_ARCH=x86 TARGET_PRODUCT=eeepc DISABLE_DEXPREOPT=true make -j2 installer_img

supported builds : usb_img, iso_img , installer_img

how to connect from serial port of virtual box (guest machine) running android to ubuntu machine (host machine) for trace and debugging.
install socat – wonderful tool to convert it to a tcp server


How get the logs from VM:
make sure you select enable network adaptor in networks part of virtual machine.
attached to:Bridge Adaptor (defult might be Nat)
Name: default (eth0)
advanced need to be configured as of now.
then follow instruction as in page : debug-howto

switching between command line and greaphical:
command line : Alt + F1
graphical : Alt + F7


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