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vim cheatsheet

Hex mode : entry [ :!xxd ] exit [:!xxd -r]   Advertisements

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Enabling flashplayer and java plugin on Ubuntu (12.4)

biggest problem with ubuntu where you have a firewall and proxy to access all package resources will be to keep you firefox sane and running with required plugins, one of the required plugins will be flashplayer and java. So I … Continue reading

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ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

This research was last edited on 2010/07/16 which never got published 😦 There are six primary algorithms that the software requires for identifying a licence plate: Plate localisation – responsible for finding and isolating the plate on the picture. Plate … Continue reading

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When grub dies

This article was written on 2011/04/02 which never got published  😦 I was living happily with my windows xp and OpenSuse. But then my need to be with Android went strong and I tried looking for the resource on android … Continue reading

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Android-x86 on a Virtual-Box

below activity on 2011/05/04 which was never published. source build: TARGET_ARCH=x86 TARGET_PRODUCT=eeepc DISABLE_DEXPREOPT=true make -j2 installer_img supported builds : usb_img, iso_img , installer_img how to connect from serial port of virtual box (guest machine) running android to ubuntu … Continue reading

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GNU Ocatve

first cut on 2011/10/18 making your vim work from inside of ocatve enabling octave highlighting in VIM : go to /usr/share/vim/vim73/syntax and replace with octave.vim as an example download and matlab script file or download one from … Continue reading

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GIT for your code maintenance

want to set a local GIT repository and have everything from scratch Why this document: After having setup so many times the git repository I keep forgetting and I am surprised that I have not cretaed such docuemnt earlier so … Continue reading

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