making your Mic work on ubuntu 10.04

I just wanted to have google video chat with my friend and found that my ubuntu box with 10.04 is unable to do that. I installed the google talk plugin and it had its limitations. so I folded my sleeves and this is how I made voice (mic and speaker) and video work on my box.

  1.  check if you have pulseaudio installed.
  2. create a startup app for pulseaudio
    1. goto system -> preferences -> startup applicaitons
    2. make sure you are in “startup programs” tab
    3. click on add button and enter values as below:
    • Name : Pulseaudio daemon
    • Command : /usr/bin/pulseaudio –start
    • Comment :  anything you want
    • save and logout and login.
  3. If you mic and speaker work congrats.
  4. try System -> preferences -> sound : if you dont get any message saying waiting of sound device then your settings are correct
  5. once you open sound preferences go to “input” tab check if mute is selected.
    1. if you find mute is selected then uncheck it and you mic and speaker will work
    2. if dont find the input option enabled then go ahead
  6. open “/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf” file with sudo permissions in your favorite editor.
  7. add a line “options snd-hda-intel position_fix=1” at the end of the file
  8. save and restart your system.
  9. go back to sound preferences and you will find input device tab to be available and default setting should work fine,else tweak around selecting connector.

credits and refrences:

Ubuntu 10.04 Tip: How to fix Waiting for sound system to respond problem

Microphone not working in Ubuntu 10.04

How to fix not working microphone in Ubuntu 10.04


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