Demolishing Vista and Moving towards Ubuntu

After a long 3 years of having windows vista (which i was barely using as i had dual booted windows XP which is much more sensible OS than the later) I planned to move to ubuntu because of following reasons:

1. I couldnt run my OpenOCD on my virtual machine which i used in XP reason i have 64 bit amd running 32 bit xp on which virtual box and usb port issue.
2. I had been wasting 30GB of space because of vista.
3. I barely used vista

I started with the plan for what will be the steps:

1. download ubuntu (stable version ) Karmic Koala – 9.10 for 64bit AMD version.
2. Install
3. Fix Windows XP as dual boot would have been screwed up

The download part went fine. For booting vista and xp different bootloader was installed on vista. so I went on installing directly on the vista partition without uninstalling the bootloader.
My ubuntu installation went fine as expected it didnt recognize the xp partition. I had tweeked grub couple of time earlier and went to do the same, but to my surprise i saw that it didnt have menu.lst. after couple of scouting and finding features of 9.10 release found that its was grub-2 then went on issuing update-grub it update everything other than xp folder.

I tried booting xp manually by issuing boot (hd0,2) and found that its not booting manually too.

after scouting on internet founding basic boot files like boot.ini, system.ini,pagefile.sys,win.ini were all removed by the previous bootloader and luckily that was put in a backup folder. I copied them and put it back on windows root folder.

then tried booting manually and updating grub, but no luck. I also created a new configuration file for xp and also edited 40_custom configuration for xp. but grub showed the update message. but in the boot list the option was missing.

by manually booting the xp partition found that ntldr was missing. next step was straight forward find the reason and couple of searches said that i had fix the boot using xp cd, and i had the right tool for that.
I booted the xp cd and copied ntldr, into the root folder of xp and wallah grub detected it immediately in the next boot session and I am back on with my xp and ubuntu dual boot.

The soution finding was not this easy as said above, but thanks to internet, google, and all the people who blog.

couple of sites that were helpful were:

2-4-2011 (12:15AM)

Continuing my quest for better system I updated the ubuntu packages along with kernel version and found that It broke my ubuntu. it was a mess and all the efforts put in bringing the system up went in vain.

with research found that its a bug in the kernel and wrote a post on the ubuntu forum for help and got few replies but that didnt solve my problem. the details of the problem and post is here.

Rest as said in the post i moved to OpenSuse. It was not anything like Ubuntu but it was close to windows and had almost every thing.


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