PHP on windows

With lot of enthusiasm I have started with learning of Php why am i learning it? which is a good question. I want to build a website the main scripting languages one can come across are html, java scripts,asp scripts,php scripts.

With lot of research on the pros and cons of the each web scripting languages php looks promising as the learning curve is small compared to all and demoting at the start of learning curve is always bad.

The basic steps of start with any new language / thing is learn what it is , how to use it later when you find it worth learning look into how it is from inside; with this same philosophy we start with how to set up the environment for writing our first web page script using php.

Setting up the development environment will be the start point. lot of information available on the net , thanks to lot of generous people we get good material and few among them are:

So starting with the basics of PHP, I find this basic series to be wonderful guide for a newbie like me.


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engineer trying to figure out the world, people and machines.
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