Open tool chain for Cortex M3 (LM3S348 eval board)

The open source world has grown up now to become a big garden with full of different plants and trees where we have the big banayan tree which is the Linux itself along with other small trees mimicking functionality of tools on Linux distributions on windows.

I started up with a clear requirement of having a tool chain eclipse based with on-chip debugging and build. we have commercial tools which are good but the need for a free one is more to me as it helps you in understanding the basic blocks in making a complete working IDE tool chain.

major block of this projects is

1. Eclipse

2. Codesoucery g++ lite

3. OpenOCD

4. LM3S3748 Evaluation board

1. Eclipse

3. OpenOCD


About preetammn

engineer trying to figure out the world, people and machines.
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